Our mission is to protect and preserve the 400 acres of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest that represent an important buffer zone for the wilderness in La Amistad National Park. Preservation of biodiversity is  the dominant principal that guides our decisions in managing the reserve and planning infrastructure and projects. Reforestation of former pastures is a key component  to this mission.  The resort is powered with renewable energy from our micro hydro power station.


Buffer zones play a critical role in providing habitat for altitudinal migrants as well as vital corridors for the few remaining apex predators that are still managing to thrive here.  We have a network of 9 amazing trails spanning over 50 kilometers that offer guests the opportunity to experience the cloud forest as an intact ecosystem.


We shy away from offering "adrenalized" nature experiences here at Mount Totumas. You will not find zip lines through the canopy here.  We offer the opportunity to unplug from the digital malaise and try to be an island or refuge for guests looking to reconnect spiritually to the natural world.  





Tel / Whatsapp: +507 69 63 50 69

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