Do we need a 4WD vehicle if we drive to Mount Totumas Cloud Forest?
Yes. A 4WD vehicle is necesarry to reach Mount Totumas Cloud Forest. We offer transportation from Volcan and David for guests who do not have their own 4WD.  We also provide secure parking in Volcan for your vehicle if we provide transportation.  Feel free to contact us early in your planning for you visit to Panama as we can offer advise and affordable options regarding transportation. 


Can you provide the driving directions from Volcan


Just click  on info for detailed driving directions from Volcan  


What clothing and footwear to you recommend? 


A fleece or sweater is recommended for the cool mornings and evenings. Rain gear is advisable. In the dry season (Jan - May) light outdoor footwear is fine. In the rainy season rubber boots are better. We do provide a limited number of rubber boots for our guests. 


What about biting insects? 


Almost no mosquitoes in the cloud forest. The only season of the year with biting insects is the dry season months when chiggers are possible when sitting down in the forest or meadows. A strong deet insect repellent sprayed on your ankles and clothing (not on skin) is affective in controlling chiggers.  We have not seen any centipedes, scorpions or tarantula to date.  We have epi-pens in the refrigerator for any strong allergic reaction to bee or wasp stings.  


What about venemous snakes? 


Check out our herpetology gallery you will notice two gorgeous pit vipers that are found here at Mount Totumas.  These snakes are not territorial or aggresive so there is minimal risk on an encounter especially when you stay on the trails.                                   

Guides available? 


We offer spanish speaking (some basic english) guide services in season. Bringing along a guide is valuable for spotting the elusive fauna and flora of the cloud forest.  For dedicated birders we arrange english speaking bird guides from Volcan for guests.  These guides know Mount Totumas and the trails and can lead you to see nesting highland endemics in season.   

Email: mounttotumas@gmail.com

Tel / Whatsapp: +507 69 63 50 69

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