The Restaurant

Alma brings her expertise in asian and european cuisine to Mount Totumas and creates dishes drawing  from our gardens  and the local produce vendors in Volcan. 

Lemon Grass, ginger, thai basil, kafir lime, galanga, anise, fennel, beets, oregano, rosemary, naranjilla, salzamora, cherimoya, loquat, just a few of the ingredients we use in preparing delicious and unique meals.

Karin, our daughter, graduated in 2014 from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and joins her mom during the high season from December to May.  She injects a professionalism in the operation of the restaurant and loves to create new dishes, deserts and sauces from the fruits and vegetables growing in our gardens and pastures. 

The dining area is intimate and integrated with the living area of the lodge. 7 large windows wrap around the dining area with views direct on to the canopy of the cloud forest. We focus on preparing excellent food which compliments  with the view from the window!  

Depending on the season and guest preferences menus vary from a picante thai curry to an eggplant parmesan followed by a filet of beef in a ginger sauce.  Deserts are pies and home made ice cream from the wild and cultivated fruits home grown here at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest.  

We create a limited set menu everyday and check with our guests before their arrival if there are any diet restrictions. In this way we can offer fresh wholesome meals focusing on what we grow and what the region has to offer.  Sea level is only 50 kilometers away so we have access to fruits and vegetables that are locally grown and range from tropical to temperate.  


Tel / Whatsapp: +507 69 63 50 69

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