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We bring the Cloud Forest to you

Old Growth Cloud Forest


  • Experienced local guides available

  • 30km of self guided  
    nature trails
400 Acre Private Reserve

  • Hot Springs

  • Waterfalls

  • Bird Blind

  • Hummingbird

Incredible Bio-diversity

  • 258 species of birds

  • 3 species of monkey

  • Jaguar, Tapir, Mountain Lions & More

Located at 1900m  Mount Totumas Cloud Forest is a resort located on a 400 acre reserve that directly borders La Amistad National Park, Central America’s largest highland preserved wilderness. Panama's spectacular cloud forest is at the doorstep of your accommodations and the trails provide guests access to the many endemic and keystone species of flora and fauna of this increasingly endangered habitat.  The resort offers superlative accommodations, excellent farm to table cuisine, well maintained marked trails and experienced guides. 

Pristine Cloud Forest Habitat Right Outside Your Door


Remote & pristine


Bird watching

& wildlife

mamacillo room mount totumas 5.jpg

off the grid

w/ full amenities

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trip adivo.png
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wild planet advnetures 3.jpeg
victor emmanuel tours.jpeg


We so enjoyed our stay here at Mount Totumas. During the day we hiked nearly every km of trail, spotted howler monkeys and caught the bird watching bug. In there afternoons we read as the rain fell down around the lodge, pure heaven. We won’t forget it. 

-Lora & Brant Herzer, Chicago IL

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