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9 well marked trails over 30km showcase a variety of cloud forest habitat. Our trails can be self guided or we have local guides available for hire.  

Hiking trails include waterfalls, scenic views and primary cloud forest.  For the adventurous hikers destinations in the adjoining La Amistad National Park are full day trips to visit homesteads or climb the challenging  peak of Mount Totumas at 2630m. 


Hot Springs

Los Pozos hot springs is within a short hike of the resort and accessible by trail or road. Left in a natural state the thermal springs are the perfect temperature for a soak after a long day's hike. A cold mountain stream at the edge of the springs allows guests to alternative between soaking in hot and cold water.  

Farm to Table RestAURANT

Our talented chef alma brings her expertise in asian and european cuisine to Mount Totumas. The restaurant is supplied with ingredients that we harvest daily from our gardens and greenhouse. What we don’t grow ourselves we source locally. You will often enjoy dishes created with garden grown lemon grass, ginger, thai basil, kafir lime, naranjilla, salzamora, cherimoya and many other unique and delicious flavors local to our region


Over 260 species of birds have been recorded on our reserve and adjacent national park all within walking distance of the accommodations. For those with limited mobility we also have bird blinds that allow you to sit & enjoy birding right outside your door. Quetzals and Three Wattled Bellbirds are both common during breeding season from February - July.  

For avid birders please check out the full list of birds sighted on our property 


Coffee Tours

& Tastings

Grown at 1900m, off the grid and in pristine Panamanian cloud forest, our coffee farm of 4 hectares is divided up into 5 micro lots. Geisha, typica, cattura and catuai are the dominant varieties in which we grow. Our groves benefit from the resources of pristine nature- pollinators during flowering, nitrogen fixing native trees and wildlife that move through the canopy eating fruit and providing fertilizer. 

Sky Gazing


The cloud forest offers beautiful dynamic weather which often produces large double rainbows, dancing clouds, incredible sunsets and spectacular star-gazing. Due to our remote location we have very little light pollution allowing you to see the milky way often during the dry season.

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