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 Ecology &

                                                      is to protect and preserve the 400 acres of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest that represent an important buffer zone for the wilderness in La Amistad National Park. Buffer zones play a critical role in providing habitat for altitudinal migrants as well as vital corridors for apex predators that are still managing to thrive here.  We have a network of hiking trails spanning over 30 kilometers that offer guests the opportunity to experience the cloud forest as an intact ecosystem right outside their door.

Our Mission

Preservation of Biodiversity

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Off the Grid

Stream power bakes the bread, cooks the rice, runs the refrigerators and powers the internet and lights in your rooms. Our micro hydro pelton wheel drives a 220V AC generator putting out a steady 7KW  24 hours a day keeping the amenities running.

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Intact Ecosystem

One of the first projects on the reserve was to reforest former pastures that were historically on the property.

The primary forests within our network of trails are home to endemic and keystone species of flora and fauna of this increasingly endangered cloud forest habitat.

Our Community and Staff

Our accommodations were built by local chiricanos and our guides are local indigenous who have a deep knowledge of the native flora and fauna. Supporting the local community is not a goal or a mission, it is just the way we live here at Mount Totumas. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Mount Totumas Guide

Building Ethically 

Most of the timber used to build our cabins was sourced from our own reserve and in most cases we harvested already fallen trees or the non-native pines planted by the previous owner. 


 All harvesting was done with secured permits from Mi Ambiente .  

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