Who are we?


Jeffrey and Michael Dietrich are brothers who teamed up to purchase the reserve in 2008. They have both been committed to the preservation of natural areas through their activism and naturalist skills.


Michael Dietrich became deeply engaged in the saving of Long Island, a natural barrier island on the coast of South Carolina. Through creating a website and drawing public attention to the planned development of Long Island, he helped thwart destruction of its fragile marsh ecology. That inspiration will transfer to the goals we have set for Mount Totumas Cloud Forest Reserve.


Jeffrey Dietrich studied Environmental Science at Antioch College and is an avid birdwatcher, tropical landscape expert and naturalist, having visited many of the world's premier natural areas and lodges. He has worked more than fifteen years in Latin America and speaks fluent Spanish.  


Both Jeffrey and Michael have found deep immersion in nature to be the single path which has provided them peace of mind and balance in the world. They both understand that only a thorough comprehension of ecological sustainability planted in the minds of the young will provide the fertile grounds for the healthy environment which our future generations and the natural world will require to thrive. Honoring this belief, a commitment to providing access to the reserve for educational institutions is at the core of the project for Mount Totumas Cloud Forest Reserve


In 2014 Foundation Cerro Totumas was created to insure the long term stewardship of the reserve. Please contact Michael or Jeffrey if you would be interested in participation. 



Email: mounttotumas@gmail.com

Tel / Whatsapp: +507 69 63 50 69

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